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Annual Report

Wales School for Social Prescribing Annual Report 2020-21:

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WSSPR is a virtual all-Wales school which aims to develop a social prescribing evaluation methodology, building on the work previously completed by the Wales Social Prescribing Research Network (WSPRN).

The rapidly growing enthusiasm for social prescribing and its potential to influence delivery of services in primary care have exceeded expectation but the development of its evidence base and robust quality standards for evaluation have trailed (Lovell et al, 2017; Bickerdike et al, 2017). 

WSSPR is based within PRIME Centre Wales under the theme 'Seamless Care Closer to Home', within the work package 'Care Closer to Communities'.

Aim: Develop a social prescribing evaluation methodology.


  • Use a translational research model (Cooksey, 2007; Weeks et al, 2013) to describe, order and organise a multi-phase programme of applied research and evaluation.
  • Increase research awareness and engagement with citizens and stakeholders.
  • Translate research findings into practice, policy and education.
  • Build research capacity for social prescribing across sectors. 

We will use mixed methods, including consensus methods, to develop an evaluation methodology framework for social prescribing, reporting standards for publication, agreed glossary of terms and training resources for researchers.



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