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Annual Report 2022-23

Social prescribing research for improving the health and wellbeing of society

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The Wales School for Social Prescribing Research mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of society through excellent social prescribing research and evaluation.

The Wales School for Social Prescribing Research is led by researchers at the University of South Wales in partnership with the WCVA; and is an all-Wales school.
We use a translational research model to ensure findings have high-impact in academia, practice, policy and education.
Social prescribing is “connecting citizens to community support to better manage their health and well-being”. In Wales, social prescribing is predominantly based in the community, with social prescribers funded by voluntary sector organisations. Individuals can be referred to social prescribing through clinical and social pathways, and a self-referral model is emerging.

The Wales School for Social Prescribing Research (WSSPR) is funded by Welsh Government through Health and Care Research Wales and sits within PRIME Centre Wales.


Visit www.splossary.wales for information on social prescribing and social prescribing terminology.  

Key Publication

Thomas G, Lynch M, Spencer LH. (2021). A Systematic Review to Examine the Evidence in Developing Social Prescribing Interventions That Apply a Co-Productive, Co-Designed Approach to Improve Well-Being Outcomes in a Community Setting. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health; 18(8):3896. https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph18083896 

Research themes

The evidence base for social prescribing needs to be developed and there are gaps in our understanding about the impact, mechanisms and roles within social prescribing.
WSSPR aims to address these gaps by working within four themes which have evolved through using our translational model of research:
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  1. Evaluation

The evaluation theme aims to contribute to the development of robust social prescribing evaluation.

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2. Social value

The aim of the social value theme is to undertake social value research for social prescribing programmes to provide evidence for impact of interventions, resource allocation and value for money services.

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4. Wellbeing

The wellbeing theme aims to explore how different models of well-being interrelate, and are reflected and applied in social prescribing theory and practice.

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5. NBIC+

The NBIC+ theme explores the efficacy and value of nature-based interventions (NBIs) and activities that fall under the umbrella of ‘creative referral’, as well as the relationship between the two.


What is social prescribing

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