Tools developed by Wales School for Social Prescribing Research (WSSPR) & partners
The South Wales Social Wellbeing Scale (SWSWBS)


The South Wales Social Wellbeing Scale (SWSWBS) tool would measures the quality of respondents’ overall experience of social wellbeing via the external social resources they possess, their perceived ability to engage in and enjoy the social world in which they live, and, as a result, their capacity for human functioning and flourishing. 

Access to the SWSWBS will be available soon.


Social prescribing currently has a lot of confusing language and is referred to in different terms, for example community connection, community referral or supported referral.

splossaryTM is a glossary of social prescribing terms and descriptions – to help people understand the language used in social prescribing.  

Access the splossary tool here.

Family Resilience Assessment Instrument and Tool


The FRAIT comprises of the FRAI (Family Resilience Assessment Instrument) and the FRAT (Family Resilience Assessment Tool), both of which form an evidenced based assessment for health visitors in their daily practice. Its purpose is to assist health visitors in decision making, care planning and planning for further interventions and resources.

Access the FRAIT tool here.